Constantly, I have to say, “I can’t describe it in words but the feeling is very powerful.” I get this when I hear, see, or read something so beautiful that I wish it would last forever. Once it’s over and reality hits, I realize the precious moment is so far away and I long to be in it instead of witnessing it. I can’t though. This is the moment I wish I could describe with a word. The discovery of something so beautiful that it vibrates your entire body but when it’s over it leaves a disappointing and painful mark because it was too beautiful to end. A strong antonym for “euphoria” would seem to be a close fit for the word I am looking for.

I’ll see if I can explain this better with an example:

A girl has a passion for music. She has been learning music since she was four and loves it so much that she is majoring in music performance. One night, her family receives tickets for an upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast. The night of the play, she listens and falls in love with the music and the story. All night, she is the most joyful creature on earth, hearing wonderful music played by some of the best musicians in the world. After the play is over, though, she cannot help but shed a tear because the performance delighted her soul so much. She wishes to be part of an orchestra so she could be surrounded by amazing music the rest of her life. At present, however, she is not. She is only left to reflect on the memories of the play and the music. Left to reality. The mere word “disappointment” is not strong enough to describe the situation.

I would describe this feeling with the word “weltmesh.”

I suppose Walt Disney World would get some use out of this word because the environment is so lively that it turns everyone into a kid again and everyone feels special and magical. When we are there, we, sadly, understand that the pure joy can’t last forever so we have weltmesh afterwards.



One thought on “Weltmesh

  1. bigredpoet

    I often feel that way at the end of a great book.
    It’s not that I can’t read it again, but I can’t read it for the first time again.


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