What’s in the box?

“Are you sure we’re not lost?” cried my aunt nervously pulling out her map. “Are we even on the correct train?”

After many attempts to reassure her we were in fact on the train to Pittsburgh, she continued to find ways to disagree with me.

I decided to offer one more piece of reassurance when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I notice  an arrow that had not be present before. Believe it or not, it was in fact pointing to Pittsburgh. “Aunt Eldna!” I screamed “I think you were right!”

Instead of jumping out of the train that instant like we should have, she reacted by pridefully proclaiming that she knew she was right the entire time and that I should have listened to her and so on.

“We don’t have time for that! Come on!” I howled attempting to pull her out. Unfortunately, she continued to ramble and I became worried we would get stuck. After many compliments on her “correctness” I proclaimed I would leave without her. When that failed, I stole her silly hat from her head and ran. This, indeed, was a success. She scampered after me with her two stubby legs, but we did not get far enough before I felt the train’s break loosen. We have to jump. I darted back to the last car and as she followed I opened the back door and told her what to do. She stared at me in no less manner than if I had just robbed her house. But now was the only time for the train was still moving fairly slow. Stubbornly, I grabbed her hand and we went down together.

Somewhat successfully we were back on the ground and this time I not only heard about how we got on the wrong train but how I was also the cause for her almost-death. If I had only listened to her from the very beginning we could have saved ourselves from the nonsense that had just occurred. After many arguments on the train I transitioned to ignoring her. This was not an easy task, though, because she talked so loud and the hat which she grabbed from me as soon as we were balanced on our feet again was twice as big as her own head. Whenever I inquired why she wore it she demanded the sun was much stronger in Iowa and resolved she would be blacker than a cow without it.

Once we agreed on the “right” train this time, ungracefully, we stood in another chaos of people. We did not wait long before a young girl caught my attention. She was no more than five years younger than me and seemed to be staring at us. I tried to not stare back but her gaze was very fixed in our direction. Suddenly, she approached us and asked in the kindest manner if we were okay from our scaring flight. Evidently, she had seen our jumping scene and I embarrassingly responded that we were doing fine and thanked her for her worry. She then asked another silly question which I could not have prepared myself for. She requested, “what’s in your box?” Confused, I looked in the direction she was looking. Through all the chaos, the large box I had been carrying was somehow still in my hands. I knew what was in it but decided not to tell her because it was a very expensive present for my cousin’s wedding in Pittsburgh. Since we had oddly become acquainted I did not feel comfortable telling a complete stranger.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind. I remembered taking the item out to show my aunt who demanded she saw the gift we were supposed to deliver together. Swiftly I opened the box and sure enough it was empty. I heavily sighed and declared to the young lady “Apparently, nothing.”


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