The Starz premiere of the new version of Cinderella erred today January 8, 2016. I was just as must captured by the effects, acting, and music as I was in the theater; except, of course, I had to settle for a small screen. Anyone who has seen the animated version of Disney’s Cinderella already knows how the story line goes and how it ends (except for a surprising event that occurs before the prince finds her). However, the new version not only extends Cinderella’s background story but adds a strong touch of moral lessons and occasional comical moments. Not to mention the actresses and actors fit their roles phenomenally. Most notably are Lily James, Cate Blanchett, and Helena Bonham.

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the animated version of Cinderella (if I had to choose out of all the Disney princesses she was always at the bottom of the list). However, this new version presented itself so well that the audience was almost able to sympathize with the evil stepmother because her jealousy and misfortunes were brought to greater attention. Likewise, we were able to meet both of Cinderella’s parents and understand her background better and why she “allowed” her stepfamily to abuse her. We even discovered where the name Cinderella originated from and how she met the prince for the first time.

Along with the few extra pieces of information we obtain from the new movie, these are only a fragment of what makes the movie so much more enjoyable than the original. Some of it may even have to do with the fact that there is much more talking in this version than singing. However, the music that was played in the movie always emphasized the mood of what was occurring during different scenes. Certain moments of the film might bring goose bumps all the way up your sleeves for excitement, frustration or just peace. The effects of some scenes added to the mood as well, such as when the clock struck midnight; although we know the carriage, horses, footmen and coachmen would return back to their usual forms, the process of getting there was much more exaggerated and the added special effects made it all the more enjoyable to watch. Throughout the movie everything felt more explained and drawn out that, although we knew what was going to happen, the processes of getting there was given more attention; therefore, the audience paid the screen more attention.

The moral value throughout the movie cannot be ignored: courage and kindness. This gave the movie something more inspiring to follow rather than just the usual fantasy fair-tale. It really emphasized the theme of jealousy and greed dominating one’s life versus living off of courage and kindness like Cinderella and her family had done. Although the storyline in the original was the same, the moral lessons would be much harder to find. For instance, in the original, the stepmother was thought to just be a wicked person but in the newer version it is better explained where this wicked side came from: jealousy and greed. Cinderella has a remarkable balance between morality, the unbelievable, few comical reliefs, and romance.


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