Happy Birthday, Cone (and me)

On July 23, 1904, the ice cream cone was created in St. Louis during the World’s Fair. This was not the first appearance of an edible ice cream cone, however. An Italian emigrant named Italo Marchiony was awarded for “inventing” an ice cream mold making machine; Antonio Valvona, for ice cream biscuit cups. Other studies show something similar to a modern ice cream cone in European cook books and paintings. Although, no one is exactly positive who should be credited with inventing the first ice cream cone. What is factual is that the first true edible colonial cone that is still eaten today was first created at the St. Louis World’s Fair on my birthday in 1904.

Ernest Hamwi is credited with the creation of the cone. At the Fair, the demanding ice cream – creamy, cold, and sweet – was many people’s desire. As a result, the ice cream vendor ran out of dishes. Hamwi had his waffle booth next to the ice cream booth and when the dishes ran out, Hamwi gladly offered his waffles as a replacement. Hamwi simply rolled a waffle in the shape of a cone and put some ice cream in it.

Although nobody knows for certain who to credit since there many booths present at the St. Louis World’s Fair, this location and date is where the modern American ice cream cone got its roots. After this Fair, the business of the ice cream cornucopia (as it was called) began. Now that I have discovered this phenomenon which occurred on my birthday, I will never look at ice cream cones the same again.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Cone (and me)

  1. That’s pretty neat. Now you can go up to people and say “They invented the ice cream cone on my birthday” You may have to explain that not in the same year, that would make you 111 but still. Really cool.


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