Let’s Write about Writing!

I vaguely sit down and write for fun, but if I do, it is when I want to document how I feel a particular day in order to remember my thoughts in the future. Sometimes I think I should write more often, but I tried keeping a journal…didn’t work. I tried keeping a planner too. Didn’t work. I do, however, force myself to write in a journal every day whenever I go abroad. For this instance, I keep a variety of journals that I use only when I travel (outside the country). I do not want my memories to disappear and it is best to make memories when the event is fresh in my mind. I mostly just write a summary of the day’s events and anything I found unusual, interesting, or really anything worth writing. It is intriguing to go back and read things that I wrote years back.

Since I have increased the amount of times I write in my high school career, I feel that it is easier to just sit down and write now. Sometimes I believe I should spend more time writing casually. However, I only actually enjoying writing when my grammar does not matter or when someone will check it for me. Every time I write though, (besides in my travel journal), I have to have someone look over it because my own feedback is not enough. If I were ever to become a writer (which is very unlikely), I would be the complete opposite of those authors who are very particular about who reads their work before it is finished. Some of them don’t even want to show it to their spouses. As soon as the last word hits the page I would hand it to someone reliable (or just my mom) and demand “Here, edit so I don’t have to.”

In real life though, if I didn’t already write all the time for school, I would itch for a pencil or keyboard occasionally just to practice writing again. I can’t imagine life without any writing what-so-ever. I do not mind it. Especially when I can write about whatever I want to and grammar is not as big of a factor.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Write about Writing!

  1. I understand. I hate editing my own work because when I write it the first time I clean up my work and tweak it then so I don’t have to go back. It is also a flaw of mine however, because I never really have a rough draft and I tend to think that I am done since I cleaned as I wrote so it makes me feel better when someone else reads over my work. When you said that you didn’t used to write a lot until high school, well I guess that’s where we differ. I used to write all the time because I read so much and thought I could write a small novel (until I realized it was taking me a better part of a year to get the first 17 chapters before I quit) but when I got to high school, that was when I realized that there were a lot of rules in writing and it wasn’t fun for me anymore :/
    But anyway… Grammar is hard and takes too much time, I miss when I was little and just wrote whatever came out of my imagination and not whatever novel I happen to be reading for English that week.


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