My Improvements

This year in English, what I enjoyed the most, was the variety of books we read. It seemed we were always reading book after book but it exposed me to some books I would have never thought of reading and the ones I wanted to read but in all seriousness would have never made the time to read. Although I love to read, I like to absorb what I am reading and will honestly call myself a slow read. What I appreciated about this year was that I felt like I really improved on my reading pace (while maintaining the ability to digest the book), because having reading due dates made me push myself to finish the book and adjust to the way I previous read. I feel like this ability also helped me with reading passages for the AP and SAT exams. I feel confident I will take this new technique wherever I go.

The other thing I improved on was thinking deeper into issues. Even if it wasn’t always me coming up with interesting point of views I got an insight on how other people think and how I can relate to their ideas. I really enjoyed the class discussions and especially when Mr. Lindner impressed us with his theories or interesting view points (like how we discovered Daisy’s teardrop on the front cover was green). Even if I need to continue to practice on thinking deeper, if anything, this class taught me if I take the time and effort it is astonishing the various angles we can take on issues. More than anything, I know my writing improved, if even the tiniest bit, I can know take a timed reading under almost any period of time and think of something important to say and write fast enough to finish it. This technique is especially useful for future tests with essays under pressure. Considering I jumped from a honors to AP class with little timed writing experience I consider myself successful in these areas.


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