Cousin Fight

A girl and a boy lock hands, watching things pass by; sun drowning, shallowly into thin air. Prior to this, a girl acts out a story. This is a story about Brianna. Brianna has a poor social status and was originally a history major. Brianna’s cousin, Kyli, was anxious to stir things up. A civil war starts among Brianna and Kyli. Civil war brings trauma and pain to Brianna and Kyli’s family functioning. Although Brianna has a firm opinion about all things history, Kyli wants to study binomial distribution functions which allows various opportunist goals. Brianna and Kyli do not mix.

Brianna’s aunt, Ramona, thought Brianna and Kyli had many contrasts, but Aunt Ramona did not want two cousin’s to fight, similar to Papa Darwin. Papa Darwin got into a fight with his cousin, Dan, too, long ago. Papa Darwin and Dan fought for a farm both had to own. Both fought day and night until on April third a landlord was found and it was not Papa Darwin or Dan who won. Papa Darwin and Dan took hands and shook. From that day forward both had a contract to stay happy. This is similar to Brianna and cousin Kyli’s story and both shook hands too.

A Comical Final Finish


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