What happened to the note?

Just as I began to open the note, the train made a sudden stop and the note flew out as the train doors opened. I moved to get up but when I tried I discovered not only was my right hand handcuffed to the briefcase but my leg was also handcuffed to the seat next to me. I swiftly opened the briefcase and searched through it to see if it would be of any use. In fact, there was a key and an old phone. I took the key which worked for the leg handcuff but not the briefcase handcuff and headed for the open train doors, but when I reached them they shut right in my face. I searched for the name of the train station to possibly return and look for the note but when I read the name, I noticed the train name was Northwest Regional, which meant I was not in my home state of Texas anymore. I recalled finding a phone in the briefcase and pulled it out but when I tried calling my mom’s number there was no signal and all of a sudden a voicemail popped up. When I pressed the button to listen to it, there was a man’s voice I did not recognize speaking and the only word I caught was “Providence.” That’s where they must be taking me, I thought, whoever “they” are. I turned to a person nearby and asked where we were and he told me he came from Boston and was getting off at the next stop which was Providence. Suddenly I felt my gums begin to throb.

When I got off the train in Providence I was shaking and didn’t know where to go next, but my question was soon answered when a man in dark sunglasses walked up to me and took me by the arm. He whispered “it is okay” and asked if I received the note. I explained what had occurred and he looked at me flabbergasted, and added “That note had all your instructions on it!” I was speechless, did he think I just threw it out the window when curiosity was tearing me up inside. I begged him to tell me what was going on but he refused and claimed it wasn’t his job. Apparently he was only paid to take me safely to my destination.

We rode in silence for what seemed like forever until we parked in a parking garage at Brown University. This was the university I had always dreamed of attending but was confused by why I was here and most importantly how I got here. We walked through several buildings before we finally got to the one we were headed to. When we walked in his phone rang and he answered assuring the guy on the other end that the mission was accomplished, whatever the mission was. All of a sudden I noticed someone very familiar and as we continued to walk I was face-to-face with someone who looked exactly like my mom and who actually turned out to be my mom. I literally pinched myself and was so confused I demanded that she tell me what was going on. She answered “don’t let me tell you, let him.” I looked over to who “him” was supposed to be and he introduced himself as the President of the university. I quickly founded out the trip was intended to be a surprise to tell me I had been accepted and would be given a full scholarship. My mom apologized for the note getting lost which had the entire itinerary on it and had steps I was supposed to follow to lead me to this building. She also had the courage to let me know my dentist appointment went well. I joked with her about the handcuff incident and she turned to me in surprised asking, “what handcuffs?” Then she also noticed the briefcase and added, “Where did you get that?”


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