I remember in 5th grade, I became acquainted with Taylor Swift. It all started when my choir class at Oakwood Intermediate created “Oakwood Idle,” in which we would sing to the class and get judged by our other classmates. A couple of times one girl and I did a duet together and she choose to sing one of Taylor Swift’s songs every time. Well, after that, Taylor left a strong, lasting influence on me and shortly after I heard a her songs, I asked my parents to buy me her CDs. At this time, Fearless just came out, and I quickly owned Taylor Swift’s first and second albums, picking new songs to sing for the class every week. However, the response to this blog comes a few years later. Taylor’s third album was a Christmas present, but her fourth album, “Red,” which came out in 2012, was my first very own music purchase.

Half expecting another Taylor Swift album to come out soon, since she releases one every other year, my thoughts were confirmed when I went on the Web on day and found out Red was going to be released in October. Usually, my parents make me wait until Christmas before I can get something that close to the holidays. However, it just so happened that while I was at my grandma’s house that year, my family made a trip to the store a few days before Christmas. As of now, I do not remember how, I only remember that somehow I ended up being left by myself in Target on a mission to get more soap for the family. I was pleased with how much my family trusted me to get supplies on my own. I made my way back to the register, but when I arrived, where I supposed to meet my aunt and mom, nobody was in sight. After 30 seconds I got tired of waiting and decided to wander around, mostly in search of my family, but I shortly found myself in the electronics section. Then it hit me. I remembered the album released in October and I casually strolled towards the CD section in search of Red. Once I found it, there were only two deluxe versions left. I hoped my mom had remembered the deluxe version instead of the regular version, since those were selling out quickly. I thought for a while, thinking my mom may have gotten me the wrong CD, which would have been a shame. Then I remembered. I dug through my purse and found some money I had stuck in it. There was a 20 dollar bill. I looked at the CD: $18 plus tax. I looked at the soap: $1.50 plus tax. I knew my decision would be tight and wouldn’t be able to buy both. I acted quickly and bought the album, then stuck it in my purse. While I headed towards the front of the store, I found my mom looking at cards, and she asked me if I was ready to check out. I handed her the soap and off we went.

On Christmas day, when everybody was opening presents, I got to one particular present that felt flat and hard. I knew exactly what it was; my Taylor Swift CD. I attempted to open it with as little emotion as possible. Although, it didn’t work. My mom could sense something on my face. I was quickly reassured when I tore off of the wrapping paper and found the CD was not the deluxe version, so I told my mom it was the wrong kind. She offered to switch it with the right one but I assured her  we could just take it back. That’s when she really knew something was up. Of course at this point, I had to tell her the truth but, thankfully she laughed at the whole thing and thought it was more humorous than naughty. To this day, I still laugh about it with my mom. I am proud of the decision I made, and continue to listen to the music on that album regularly.


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