Wealth Distribution

America’s capital system causes some inequality between the poor and the rich, but surprisingly, the actual distribution of wealth was as far off from the ideal as it was what people thought it was. Only 1% of Americans has 40% of the nation’s wealth. We saw this play out in the Great Gatsby because the rich people had more share of wealth than they knew how to wisely use it. On the other hand, the young Jay Gatsby and as we see in the Grapes of Wrath, the poor people’s wealth is below the chart.  The chart also briefly shows the types of employment involved in each wealth category. During the Great Depression work was hard to find and the majority of people ended up on the bottom half of the chart but as the Great Gatsby emphasizes the American Dream, that working hard will get you wealthy, the Grapes of Wrath perceives the hard workers as the ones who cannot get jobs and are on the low spectrum of the wealth distribution. In the Grapes of Wrath, the majority of people were poor and jobless. The video helps to see a visual of why that might be, because 40% of the population’s distribution of wealth is so low that their money could not even be seen on the chart.

The presenter mostly uses logos to accomplish his argument through his numbers and charts to show the actual distribution of wealth versus the ideal and perceived. This method is very effective because it proves his point through research. The pathos may come from how the reader feels learning about the accounts of the wealth distribution when clearly the actual is far from people’s ideals or perceptions but this method is not as effective. Ethos is effective because the speaker proves to be unbias and gives all accounts of his argument, not clearly taking a side, which shows he is giving accurate research. He has clearly researched his facts well and present them in an accurate measure. Yet, his research is still surprising to learn how the inequalities of the United States wealth is actually distributed and, despite the changes America has seen, how little the wealth spectrum has improved since the time dating back to Gatsby.


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