The first 100 I made on any major grade in AP English III was on the Huck Finn exam. One reason for this is because I pushed through and finished the entire book in advance before the test day. I also did well on the Scarlet Letter stand up test and the summer reading. The assignments I felt like I had more time on and understood better I did well on. I also did better on these assignments because I spent hard work and dedication to finish the novels and questions. By feeling like I had more time to accomplish these assignments I was more at ease and confident about what I was saying and writing. I also learned from previous grades what to do and what not to do so as the semester progressed I became better accustomed to what I needed to do to successfully accomplish something. I will continue to carry this knowledge to the next semester as well.

Other skills I am not as dominant in include essay style writing and forcing myself to speak in public. I usually do my best when I am not rushing because I have always worked slower than other people but that is a skill I  need to work on because most everything is timed. Also, I should have started reading the Scarlet Letter sooner and paid more attention to other details in order to have done better on the exam. After learning from my mistakes over the Scarlet Letter, I was able to begin Huck Finn and the Crucible sooner and made better grades over those books. Now I know to continue to start reading the books earlier and monitor how much reading I get done a night for the next semester. I can also improve my writing with more practice and the feedback given from previous writing assignments.


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