Things I am thankful for

I must say the first thing on my list of things I am thankful for has to be family. My family is always there for each other whether they may express it or not. Every time I am around either side of my family I feel better because I can relax and just focus on being myself. Sometimes I am not thankful enough because we occasionally get upset with one another (which is a common thing to happen) but once I realized how blessed God created me to have such a wonderful family I feel guilty for being upset. I see how other families suffer from divorces and stress, including some of my cousins in my extended family but I feel grateful that my immediate family does not have to suffer from those conflicts. It is also a bonus being the youngest grandchild on both sides, not only because I am spoiled to death but also because I get to see what not to do and what to do in my life. Some of my cousins have not made the best choices in life and they do not hesitate to warn me not to follow in their footsteps but to do what they should have done. In a way, I have more weight on my shoulders than anybody because, since everyone is telling me the rights versus wrongs, more people will expect me to not mess up because I have been constantly reminded of the difference. Nevertheless my family is spread in various places throughout America, with people living from Massachusetts to California and from Florida to Colorado so whenever we get together, it is even more special since we hardly see one another. I chariest these times we have together and I am definitely thankful for them.

Another thing I am thankful for is my house. My house is a decent, one story house, not too fancy. I have lived in this house literally my entire life so I do not know any difference. Many times my parents and I talked about moving or building a new house and I was excited because I wanted to try something new. However, as time went on and we never got any of that accomplished I realized I did not really want to move after all. This house has been a sole anchor in my life, protecting me from storms, keeping me comfortable when I am sick, shielding me with safety and the feeling of security. Also, this house has more memories than I could store in my own head. If I got rid of this house or if something happened to it, I would feel like part of my childhood memories would disappear, because they would. This house does not seem very significant from looking at it but in reality it symbolizes so much more.

I am also thankful for my pets because they are always there to comfort me and seem to know whatever mood I am in. I am thankful for many things but these were a few I felt honored to talk about.


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