Don’t judge a book by its cover. This phrase relates to people as well. We should not judge people by assumptions based on their appearances. This phrase can sometimes be harder to put into action than we expect because often too many times we talk to only the people who “resemble” us in beliefs and style choices. I have seen this many times in my life so I try my hardest not to label people. It is only after I get to know someone that I form my opinion about them.

One way I have accomplished this is simply by going up to someone new and asking them questions like, what is their name and where are they from. I know that if I do not ask them I will regret it because someday that person may be from Antarctica or some place I find interesting or may become a famous person. I won’t know until I ask. One example of when I asserted this belief was when I went up to someone who did not present the cleanest face in the world. Afterwards, I was glad I talked to her because she ended up being from Russia and I learned many new things that I would never have otherwise. If I had judged her by her outwards appearance or have ignored  her like everyone else did, I would have missed this opportunity.


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