P for Proud

What am I proud of? For some reason I feel like this is a harder question to discuss than talking about my flaws.. Maybe because I spend too much time dwelling on my flaws instead of considering what I am most capable of. However, I feel like I am most proud when I do something for someone else rather than for myself. I am one of those people who hate having others watch me open my presents at Christmas but love to watch the expressions of those who open the gifts I give them. I feel more proud knowing that I picked out the best present for someone who I know will love it instead of opening something I have been wanting to get for a while. At this point in my life, there are only about two things on my Christmas/ birthday list so I know I will get those things either way. But still, I really enjoy finding something special for each individual person and feeling proud to have found the perfect gift. Finally watching that person open it for the first time, knowing they will love it is the most wonderful feeling.

This is one example of what makes me proud but I was also proud that our band received the bronze medal at finals during the band competition Saturday. I also feel proud every time there is a new opportunity for me such as joining a new club or visiting a place for the first time. My memories are probably what I am most proud of out of everything. When we start deciding what to throw away and what to keep in my house, I look at each item and decide whether it is a “keep” or a “throw” and if I have a memory associated with that item it usually ends up in the “keep” pile. If not, then I will throw it away. This can be difficult because usually I remember a lot. These memories bring pleasure, because they keep me in touch with my childhood, my travels and people I used to know. They mean so much and whether the memory is positive or negative, I still feel proud because it is a part of me and is something that connects me to who I was and who I am.


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