Suspend Book?

I disagree with the district’s decisions to suspend these books, because, like the authors and students were arguing, the main message of the books was not to promote alcoholism, sex, rape etc. However, in order to find the main theme of the books, violent sections must be read, but there must be an understanding of the violence in order to better understand the reason behind them. Unlike what some parents argued, many classics even contain immature scenes. I think as long as the reader takes the violence and creates a mature environment through it, the discussions about the books would be even more rewarding, because people must go through uncomfortable situations at times in order to better overcome these situations.

Another reason why these books should not be suspended is due to the fact that the students were able to choose from a selection which book they wanted to read. If the student or the parent disagreed with the book’s content, they could choose not to select that book, but it should not affect other students’ ability to read that particular book. The main reason for reading books in school is to read beyond our own scope of reading and experience books we otherwise would not have encountered. Also, if the parents skim through the book or only read the summary they do not contain full knowledge of the message of the book. Too many people think they know a book’s analogy but too often we are wrong and it is not until we discuss books in class that we gain a wider knowledge of the book’s emphasis which we would not have had the opportunity to obtain if we had read it on our own.


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