Good Night, Gorilla

Good Night Gorilla                 Good Night, Gorilla - Teaser

As a child, there were many books I enjoyed reading and it was difficult to pick out my absolute favorite. However, as a young child at the age of one or two, I remember reading the book “Good Night, Gorilla” more than any others. This book is in itself is a cute and funny story. The story starts off with a zoo keeper wishing all the animals a good night and in the process he does not notice that the gorilla steals his keys. As the zoo keeper is walking out of the zoo saying “Good Night” to each animal the gorilla unlocks the other animals’ cages. When the zoo keeper finally approaches his house, he is being followed by a bunch of zoo animals who make it all the way to his room but he falls asleep before realizing they are there with him. It is actually his wife, who wakes up and notices all the animals in her room with her. She peacefully takes the animals back to their cages and returns home. On the way back to her house she is being followed by the same gorilla without realizing it. In the end, the zoo keeper, the wife and the gorilla sleep peacefully through the night together in a cozy bed. This story is ironic but cute with a sense of humor and love, which is everything a two year old should want in a story before bedtime.

This story not only has memories from being read so often but it was also a gift. This specific copy of the book was given to me by very good friends of my mom who also were good friends to me. Sadly, they moved when I was only four but before they moved I saw them often enough to remember all the enjoyable times we had together. They gave me this on Valentines Day before I turned one year old. There are few words in this book so at the age of one I mostly looked at the pictures while my mom read it to me but once I became old enough to read it I would read this book almost everyday. The relationship between the zoo keeper and the animals is really touching and it makes me wonder if the zoo keeper actually did not know the animals were following him or rather he chose to ignore the fact. Either way this book kept me intrigued every time it was read.


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